Friday, November 28, 2008

Holiday Shopping: Support Your Local Artist!

Winter, collage
Available on Etsy

Today is the day. The day of the year where retailers hope to go "into the black." I have a proposal for you, though: Rather than getting into your car, burning gas, and fighting crowds to buy some mass-produced item for the one you love, why not purchase a one-of-a-kind original (or limited edition) for that special person on your shopping list?

Do you have a friend/neighbor/family member who works as an artist or craftsperson? If yes, please give THEM the business! If you're starved for artist relationships, then check out; and you'll be surprised at the number and varitey of art & craft items available.

I belong to a group of online-selling artists--all women--and one of the ladies in our group, Sharon Shubert, has put together a gallery of works that are available for purchase through Etsy. To see what's available from the Worldwide Women Artists Online (WWAO) group, check out Sharon's "Christmas Shopping With WWAO" page, go to her website. The page is updated daily, so go back often and refresh the page!

Here Comes the Sun, Ceramic & Copper Wire
Available on Etsy

And don't forget to buy something for yourself! Happy Shopping!

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