Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cradles of Hope: Motherland

The Cradle Project book is available online. Many of the photos inside (including the following one) were taken by Addison Doty of Santa Fe, NM.

During the past year, something monumental and wonderful happened. Artists from around the world donated cradles for The Cradle Project; an event that raised money for orphans in Africa--children whose lives have been devastated by AIDS. More than 500 artists participated, and I'm honored to have been one of them.

My cradle, Motherland, is pictured above. I wanted to use local materials, but also wanted to capture the essence of Africa. To that end, I used cholla cactus skeletons, gathered from our land in northern New Mexico (local materials). Attached to the cholla skeletons is a "found" (recycled from the roadside) basket. And finally, the elements were pulled together with whisper grass; evocative of the materials used for costumes in the masquerade ceremonies that are so common in Sub-Saharan Africa. The dynamic arrangement of the cactus skeletons, dressed up with the whisper grass, gives a sense of movement--perhaps dance. And yet, the multiple wrapping and coiling of grasses at the top, along with the securely attached basket in the middle, implies strength and safety.

To see more cradles, and to purchase a copy of the books (for a mere $25!), please visit:


Cathy ~o said...

Robin, Your cradle is wonderful. How on Earth did you came up with it? I would never have been able to do that.
It looks just like a place for a baby to sleep.
Great job and congrats on being in the book :-)

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

The beauty of this made me gasp, what a wonderful project and the inspiration in you piece is breathtaking



Robin Hernandez said...

Thank you, Cathy and Cat!

Diana said...

Robin, your cradle brought me to tears and while viewing the others, I could no longer see the pages. I have never seen anything so beautiful and heartbreaking. I am so proud to be your WWAO sister. Knowing a bit about your struggles, you are the most wonderful person to have put this cause first, in your heart. You are truly blessed and I believe that you are an extra ordinary person. I will help with this cause, too. Good thing happen to good people. Thank you, Diana

Robin Hernandez said...

Diana, thanks so much for your kind words. I, too, feel lucky to be part of such a wonderful and generous group. :)

Diana said...

Robin, I thank you for making a cradle. I thank you for telling us about the “Cradle Book”. I thank you for allowing me to share your cause by giving it a page for other to know.

My book arrived this morning and my heart is warmed again. This will be a coffee table book for my guests. I can show them your cradle and tell them that I know you. I will always remember. Diana

Robin Hernandez said...

Diana, thanks so much for your continued support. You're a good friend and a great humanitarian. I'm so happy to know that you're enjoying your book. :)