Monday, August 18, 2008

Finger Labyrinths, Part Three

All three of the following finger labyrinths were made from red clay, and glazed in colbalt blue. On some of the raised edges, a hint of red clay comes though--an effect that I particularly like.

The first one was beaded with a combination of blue and white plastic beads, and a porcelain Chinese blue & white bead depicting a bird.

Just below, the labyrinth is finished with turquoise seed beads, pieces of turquoise, and a single wooden square, colbalt blue bead; picking up on the color of the glaze, and the shape of the turquoise.

Finally, this last labyrinth has a blue & white porcelain Chinese bird bead, a single blue wooden bead, and a small loop of blue and white seed beads, with a tiny touch of red (for activation).

This gorgeous color of blue represents water which, in turn, represents prosperity. While creating these, I imagined prosperity for anyone who used them.

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