Saturday, August 16, 2008

Finger Labyrinths, Part One

I started making "finger labyrinths" a few years ago. I call them finger labyrinths because they fit in the palm of the hand, and the grooves are just the perfect size for the tip of one's finger. The idea behind these was that they would serve a person who was away from home, and wanted or needed to step outside their mind for a little while. Perhaps they were stuck in traffic, and feeling a little hot under the collar. Or maybe they were at work, and feeling too "blah" to do anything productive.

This first labyrinth will cure the blahs! Red is the color for energy, and both black and white are "activation" colors--they activate the red and make it more powerful. As I was creating this particular labyrinth, I concentrated on energy and strength; imbuing it with power.

This second labyrinth represents the other side of the spectrum. This is for someone who is feeling anxious or agitated--someone who needs to calm down. What could be more calming than the color of the sea or sky? And, to keep things grounded, I added an Earth element--turquoise.

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