Monday, August 4, 2008

Here Comes the Sun

I absolutely love the show, CBS Sunday Morning. It's one of the few TV programs that I've consistently watched during my lifetime. Another is Jeopardy. Other than those two faves (and BBC World News, because it's nice to hear an objective accounting of what's going on around us!), I don't really watch much television. It's just too boring for me to devote precious time to; I'd rather be making art!

So, that said, it's not often that I'm inspired by anything I see on TV. However, I always look forward to the "Sun" artwork that's featured at the end of the Sunday Morning show. I often feel inspired to create art after seeing the weekly "solar addition" to the CBS gallery. Over the course of my lifetime, I've probably sketched 100 or more Suns. Only recently have I made 3-D Suns, both from clay. Above is a large version of Here Comes the Sun. Below is a small one.

The larger one is made from low-fire earthenware, glazed, and finished with jute. The smaller one--from the same clay--is painted with acrylics, and finished with copper wire and small wooden beads. That inspirational 1960s song, Here Comes the Sun, kept playing in my mind while working on these. Hence, the title of the works.


Cathy ~o said...

these 2 are cool, I was surprised to hear they were clay also, they look like copper or bronze or something. Like the smaller one the best with the longer *rays*

Robin Hernandez said...

The smaller Sun was painted with many layers of color; the final one being a "dry brush" coating of copper.

The larger one has a combination of 2 different glazes. Since I didn't record which ones I used (I was experimenting at the time), I have no idea how to recreate that look.

Note to self: always do a test tile!