Sunday, August 17, 2008

Finger Labyrinths, Part Two

This color of green is one of my absolute favorites. It reminds me of a granny smith apple, or the new growth on a plant. It's so fresh looking. It's bright and energetic, and yet calming at the very same time. The perfect balance of yin and yang.

These three finger labyrinths all represent those qualities . . . freshness, bright, calming, growth, sustenance, balance, and energy. The middle labyrinth is finished with seed beads and a circle of jade, which is considered very lucky.

The first and third labyrinths are both finished with a combination of elements: gaspeite, mother of pearl, and small wooden beads.

Green is the combination of yellow and blue. Yellow represents communication and expressiveness--a very happy color. Blue stands for intelligence and responsibility. This resulting color is very loving and humanistic.

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